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A resume is a marketing tool designed to motivate a prospective employer to interview you. Effective resumes are tailored to a specific position/occupation and target the employer’s needs with clear information detailing your most relevant skills, knowledge, and accomplishments.

Getting Started

Has it been awhile since you have written a resume? Are you changing careers and need to completely revise your resume? Or,  are you creating your first resume? The steps below will help you begin the process of creating a customized resume.
  1. Resumes 101 Video - A brief 5 minute recording which walks you through the process of creating an effective and targeted resume.
  2. Resume Guidelines - A quick overview of the sections most commonly found on a resume and what to include within them. For teachers, please review the Teacher Resume Guidelines for specific recommendations regarding creating a powerful teacher resume.
  3. Resume Library - Need inspiration or desire to see what a professional resume for your industry looks like? Visit the resume library to view sample resumes from different industries.
  4. CareerBeam Resume Tools - a comprehensive resource that includes checklists and exercises for writing parts of your resume, sample resumes for various industries, and resume builders for creating a resume.

Covering the Essentials

As you build and edit your resume, the following tools will help.
  • Accomplishment Statement Worksheet – This worksheet will help you craft bullets to describe your experiences and skills relevant to the types of positions to which you are applying.
  • Questions to Ask to Create Awesome Accomplishments – Having trouble creating accomplishments? Review these questions to help jump start the process!
  • Resume Action Verbs – A thesaurus to help you avoid using the same verbs repeatedly in your resume.
  • Microsoft Word for Resume Handout – This handout provides tips and tricks on how to create and format a resume in Microsoft Word without using a template!
  • Resume Builders – Use this CareerBeam tool to design your resume. Whether you need a chronological resume, a functional resume, or a curriculum vitae, this resource will help you easily build a customized resume.

Putting It All Together

Once you have created a draft of your resume, you will need to edit and review it several times.
  1. Resume Checklist – Utilize the resume checklist to make sure you have included the essential information.
  2. Check your resume for spelling and grammar accuracy. Consider having a friend, family member, or peer review it as well to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  3. Send it for a Review – Once you have utilized the above resources to craft and revise your resume, you can send it to our office for a review.  Attach your resume (in Microsoft Word format) to your email.

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