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We often have students contact us with questions relating to “what can I do with a degree in (insert degree name)?” We have assembled the following resources to help WGU students explore the career paths commonly associated with their respective degree.

The degree guides listed here offer information on common career areas that students enter with this degree. Please note that the areas and information are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and are not an exhaustive list.

College of Business

College of Health Professions 

Bachelor's Degree Programs Master's Degree Programs

College of Information Technology

Bachelor's Degree Programs Master's Degree Programs

Teachers College

Bachelor's Degree Programs Master's Degree Programs

To explore more about what you can do with your degree:

  • Review WGU Career Guides for your College:
  • Speak with your degree-specific course mentors about their own career experiences in the field.
  • Informational Interviews: Set up informational interviews or shadowing experiences with professionals in careers you are considering.
  • Volunteer and Internship Opportunities: Look for ways to get involved in the field through volunteer opportunities, part-time jobs, and internships.
  • Set up a time to speak with a Career & Professional Development Specialist.
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