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A resume is a marketing tool designed to motivate a prospective employer to interview you. Effective resumes are tailored to a specific position/occupation and target the employer’s needs with clear information detailing your most relevant skills, knowledge, and accomplishments.

Getting Started

Has it been awhile since you have written a resume? Are you changing careers and need to completely revise your resume?  Or,  are you creating your first resume? The steps below will help you begin the process of creating a customized resume.

Resumes 101 Video - A brief 5 minute recording which walks you through the process of creating an effective and targeted resume.

Resume Guidelines - A quick overview of the sections most commonly found on a resume and what to include within them. For teachers, please review the Teacher Resume Guidelines for specific recommendations regarding creating a powerful teacher resume.

Resume Library - Need inspiration or desire to see what a professional resume for your industry looks like? Visit the resume library to view sample resumes from different industries.

CareerBeam Resume Tools - a comprehensive resource that includes checklists and exercises for writing parts of your resume, sample resumes for various industries, and resume builders for creating a resume.

Covering the Essentials

As you build and edit your resume, the following tools will help.

Accomplishment Statement Worksheet – This worksheet will help you craft bullets to describe your experiences and skills relevant to the types of positions to which you are applying.

Questions to Ask to Create Awesome Accomplishments – Having trouble creating accomplishments? Review these questions to help jump start the process!

Resume Action Verbs – A thesaurus to help you avoid using the same verbs repeatedly in your resume.

Microsoft Word for Resume Handout – This handout provides tips and tricks on how to create and format a resume in Microsoft Word without using a template!

Resume Builders – Use this CareerBeam tool to design your resume. Whether you need a chronological resume, a functional resume, or a curriculum vitae, this resource will help you easily build a customized resume.

Putting It All Together

Once you have created a draft of your resume, you will need to edit and review it several times.

Resume Checklist – Utilize the resume checklist to make sure you have included the essential information. Check your resume for spelling and grammar. Consider having a friend, family member, or peer review it as well to check for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Send it for a Review – Once you have utilized the above resources to craft and revise your resume, you can send it to for a review.  Attach your resume (in Microsoft Word format) to your email.